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Logden Life

Being ‘on the road’ for two decades, we came to know what our own favourite place to stay would be, which resulted in Logden Lodge.

Here we share our thoughts of how we envisioned ‘Logden Life’ for you through stories and videos. These are not meant to give direction to how you should spend your time off, but are rather thoughtful pieces designed for reflection. 

Other video's you may like, made through time for our Lodge:

A Magical video of our Lodge #vlog

Why they go away together


"From the outset we aimed to make Logden Lodge part of this community and what better way to do so than to source our resources locally. Ymir truly exceeded our expectations with its manifold skilled professionals we ended up working with. It is they and they alone who turned our property into Logden Lodge as we had envisioned it."... we wrote for "The Making of ..." in 2014. 

Now, a few years into Logden Life, we decided to show you just how diverse the community of Ymir is. Like then, we still aim to engage with this amazing community whenever we can.