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A Magical video of our Lodge #vlog

A Magical video of our Lodge #vlog

Cabin life by Wild Wild Wheels


Belgiums Sam and Elise are traveling in a van enjoying the freedom of road-life for 18 months.

Just before they crossed the USA border to continue their van-life there they longed for a little normality, so they asked if they could stay with us for a few nights. Luckily we had a cabin available, the Cottonwood Cabin.

They are living their dream, like we decided to do 5 years ago. By the name Wild Wild Wheels they are travelling through countries, wilderness and cities.

Just before Sam and Elise hit the road again today, they showed us this beautiful video they made for us. We knew they were going to film and fly their drone, but that the video would be this beautiful we couldn't have imagined.

Thank you Sam and Elise and safe travels!