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The Making of Logden Lodge with Markus Herzig

We are very excited to release our first episode of Logden Life with Markus Herzig!

He revisits and shares stories from the making of Logden Lodge. This summer marks the seventh anniversary since we undertook this project, so we sat down with Markus to show you what it takes to build four luxury cabins in the Kootenays.

Markus is a talented carpenter and home builder based right here in the town of Ymir. In this video, we relive the build and take a closer look into the design, materials and the construction process. One of our favourite things about the cabins is how Markus sourced wood through local mills which makes Logden feel like it is part of the surrounding environment and one with nature.

We’d highly recommend working with Markus and his team. They brought our vision to life and in turn created memorable experiences, not just for us but for our guests as well. Learn more about our cabins at www.logdenlodge.com/cabins