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The making of

As new arrivals in Canada we of course had heard of the famed Canadian hospitality. But nothing prepared us for the extraordinary warmth, kindness and generosity extended to us by the people of Ymir community. From the outset we aimed to make Logden Lodge part of this community and what better way to do so than to source our resources locally. Ymir truly exceeded our expectations with its manifold skilled professionals we ended up working with. It is they and they alone who turned our property into Logden Lodge as we had envisioned it.

For their hard work, endless hours and effort, frankness, friendship and hospitality, we thank especially the following:

Markus Herzig (Ymir) – Herzig Construction – for managing this project, his friendship, support, faith & much more than we can put into a few words. Of course his wife Isabelle who initiated the Logden Logde Wellness Retreat with professional female instructors from Ymir. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership & friendship.
His excellent crew from Ymir & Erie: Isaac, being with us from the start till the end, Erik & Jay, and Mike, Travis & Vern who helped us out for a ‘little while’ that lasted a good deal longer. Joel for his tiling artwork & flexibility.

For saving the days & their boundless energy: Sylvan (Slocan Valley), laying the high quality infrastructure & his wife Kaila, who “Canadianized” our texts. Sylvia (Salmo), wiring the cabins with the speed of light. Ben (Ymir), amazingly skilled & nature sensitive excavator expert. Mike (Ymir), a true Jack of all trades and master on the bobcat.

Mark & Joanne – Raymark Mill – for their excellent cedar wood, hospitality and using their property as a workshop. Jack Janssen Steenberg & Jackie Jonkheid (Salmo) and John Kortram & Ineke Tuit (Nelson) – WineKitz – for their Dutch directness & priceless support. Carla Stephenson (Ymir) for getting our name out wide and beyond.

And Hans Cunningham (Ymir), Director of RDCK for believing in & supporting us when Logden Lodge was still only a dream.

LifeTime Wood Treatment for their generous in-kind donation

As The Netherlands is our home country, the roots of this adventure sprang & blossomed there. Without our family & friends Logden Lodge would not have been possible.
We thank especially:
Emile Lens – Nobilo Ventures – & Gerard Ellerman for their positive and critical input on our business plan
Karin Ellermann – FROG Media Design – for bringing the Lodge to the public
And Hanneke Ellerman for her endless support in so many ways.

Early March 2013 we started the paperwork to be able to live our dream, cleared the areas where the cabins would be and then moved to the drawing table to make our vision a reality. It was a challenge, building four luxury cabins at the same pace and laying the high quality infrastructure in Winter, but our project was finalized in seven months. Our blue cabin doors opened in the Summer of 2014. All the materials used and crew who worked on this project were locally sourced, the cabins and furnishings custom built.