Logden LodgeLogden Lodge


Imagine yourself here

Imagine yourself here. 

Better yet, find yourself here.


Most of us live in an apartment or a house with a next-door neighbour. We go to work, back and forth during rush hour in traffic or by public transport. During the weekend we run errands together with everyone else. To relax and recharge before Monday, we (try to) read a book, play with our kids and sometimes we are lucky to have a park nearby where we can breath in some fresh air and stretch our legs. 

If you are like us, taking a break from today’s stresses would mean going to a place where we can unwind and recharge, without too many people around, somewhere in nature. 

To have actual space where we can be and loose ourselves for a while to recharge. That is hard to find. We don’t live in the desert, on a mountaintop or deserted island. This modern world we live in, everything seems to be connected. But everyone needs to getaway from it all and refresh now and then to keep up with the fast pace and to stay healthy.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, my parents’ escape from the rush of daily city life was the water, so I grew up sailing. I loved (and still do) the endless movement and horizon of the ocean without a vessel in sight, the smell of salt water and feeling free from rules the minute I stepped onto the deck. Later on, to recharge I would close my eyes and re-live being back on my parents’ boat. Such a moment, was all I needed to last me a long time. 

Logden Lodge is about just that. 

So when you are home again settled back into your hectic routine,
you too can close your eyes whenever you need to.