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Reflecting on the first covid year with owners Logden Lodge

“Still uncertain what the future will bring us made us reflect on this last year, the incredible kindness and support we received from our guests. Not able to connect with our guests the way we used to, we still were able to at least briefly talk to you at a new safe distance. We’d like to say a very, very warm thank you so much to all our Canadian guests.” expresses Annelies Ellerman and Paul Hulshoff, owners. 

Despite not actively advertising to tourists, Logden has been doing relatively well, considering, ever since the pandemic began. Annelies and Paul believe it has something to do with Logden Lodge’s unique offerings; the peace, quiet and natural ‘distance’ afforded by the property. "Guests feel, and are, safe here - to quarantine, to escape, or to just relax for a few days with their close bubble." the owners feel.

“It’s been an incredibly tough and difficult year for tourism, so we are very grateful that we’ve been able to offer people that safe and beautiful space they need to escape from all the stresses of the outside world.” said Paul.

“We obviously never saw this (the pandemic) coming, but the way we built Logden pretty much ticks every box in terms of social distancing. Each cabin is set apart from the rest, and was positioned to afford guests maximum privacy and nature views.” says Paul.

“We moved to the Kootenays in 2013 to find a quieter life, and to create a place where people can come to emotionally recharge. We’ve always thought that being outside in nature is the best form of refuge, and it seems that more and more people are coming around to the same idea.” expresses Annelies. “Exercise is important for stress relief as well, and guests like that they don’t have to drive anywhere to do that. Just to go for a walk or a hike to explore where they are, without even needing to leave the property. But we hear that drinking a glass of red wine in the bath, or reading by the fire can help a lot too!”

With the provincial restrictions in place, Logden is hopeful their cabins will remain popular, even just for locals. “Times have changed now. We’ve all realised that you don’t need to drive for 6 hours to get ‘away’ from everything. Staycations are becoming more and more sought after.” mentions Paul.

“It has been and will stay different at least in the near future for sure, but we’re excited that many of our guests will be neighbours, friends and members of our local community. Despite everything happening, we love that we’re able to continue to greet and host anyone in the Kootenays who is in need of an escape. That feels really special.” adds Annelies.


We did this interview with Bex Dawkes, in a virtual way, and thanking her from the bottom of our hearts for her friendship, support and the amazing stories she writes for and about us.
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