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Unlimited Playground

Unlimited playground

Just Let Go PART I


In a world dominated by rules and regulations, people automatically assume what they’d love to do is probably not allowed. Also on holiday. And often it is so. We experienced ourselves, even when staying in luxury hotels around the world, often the smallest of wishes could not be granted. Why? Because they are against, or not in their hotel policy. 

We don’t want that here. We try to fulfil wishes when we can, just because we can and because we strongly believe this kind of inflexibly gets in the way of that crucial feeling of just letting go, escape and getaway from it all which is so important when you are on holiday.

So when we began living our dream starting this lodge, we didn’t spend much time setting rules and policies for our guests. Except, please treat your cabin as you would treat your own home. Beside that, relax, enjoy, unwind, let loose … just be. Our 42 acres of land and surroundings are perfect for regaining that feeling of freedom for a while. 

Especially in Winter. 

We have hiking / snowshoe trails on our property and guests often ask us for the map. When we tell them to feel free to just snowshoe where ever they like, going off trail is more fun right, we are often given a blank look. The same when we encourage them to walk up the mountain to our waterintake and ski down, past the cabins and down our driveway, which we do ourselves whenever we can.

But sometimes … eyes start to sparkle. 

That instant realisation our Lodge is a heavenly white playground, safe and free from rules and regulations. My kids can make that huge snowman and iglo (or three) they always wanted. I can sled or ski down the footpaths. I can snowshoe straight from my cabin steps freely up the mountain. 

To us, it is pure joy to see guests enjoying this playground we created to the fullest. Imagine looking out your window and suddenly one of the guests is flying by. There is nothing better than that.

So we ask; did you ever jump off the porch on your snowboard? If not, would you like to?