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Discover the area, the Nordic way

Discover the area, the Nordic way.

Cross-country skiers Paradise


This is the time snow seriously piles up again at Whitewater and Red Mountain Resorts. The fluffy kind, that makes you want to just go outside and do something.

Our Lodge is on a quiet road where people like to go for a walk, and so do I. The fact that I don’t have to drive, but that I can just walk out of our house to enjoy the mountains, forest, the river and small wildlife feels like freedom. And when in winter all (well, not the wildlife) is covered with a thick layer of snow it's as if I’m in a black and white movie. Breathtaking. A great start of the day. Still, after 4 years to the day.

You have to come and experience this pristine winter wonderland for yourself.

Do you have those moments in life, of all that happens every single day, that for some reason just stick with you, even years later? One of mine happened on a winter day on that road, shortly after we first arrived. It was hard not to stare; one of our neighbour’s was walking her dog, on cross-country skis … on our road.

Only recently, reading Leigh McAdam's (HikeBikeTravel) blogs after she stayed with us this Summer, I realized it is not because I’m Dutch this made such an impression on me. “It’s a rare Canadian that can throw on a pair of cross country skis and head out their front door”, she wrote. Living here all these years, I discovered that this is not rare in Ymir.

Surrounded by 120+ kilometers of natural and groomed trails, Ymir is a hub to cross-country skiers paradise.

If you don't like cross-country skiing downhill, from the cabin you can walk with your skis to the road and start there. As our road crosses the Salmo-Nelson Great Northern Trail twice, you can cross-country ski a loop that takes you along the Salmo River all the way. Or you can hop on either side and make your way down to Salmo or up to Nelson. The road is cleared of snow regularly and the trail is natural. So if you are lucky it snowed during the night, you can carve your own tracks in the morning.

Within an hours drive from the Lodge, with groomed trails from beginner to expert level, for both classic and skate skiing. 

To the North: 
- Nelson Nordic Ski Club: 25 km of trails with lights for night skiing. 
- Nordic Centre at Whitewater Ski Resort: 13 km of trails in varied terrain.

To the South West: 
- Castlegar Nordic Ski Club: 45 km of packed and tracked ski trails. Adjacent Nancy Greene Provincial Park features natural trails. 
- Black Jack Ski Club, Rossland near Red Mountain Resort: 40 km of trails.

Check our activities page for more information.
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