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Winter Bliss while waiting for fresh powder

You are, after all, in BC's most beautiful spot.

Winter Bliss while waiting for fresh powder.


What to do when waiting for fresh powder??? We are all praying to the snow gods for more of the fluffy white stuff, but for all of you that are sitting around wishing; get up, get outside, and enjoy all the other things winter in the Kootenays has to offer.

I just cross country skied from Ymir to Salmo, 12 kilometers of peace, forests, and the sounds and sights of the river, it was amazing. I could not believe that 4 kilometers out of Ymir there was not one single cross country track, one snowmobile track, or even a footprint. The only track for miles was that of a lonely little fox as it darted across the meadow. 2 hours later, I arrived in Salmo, took off my skis and walked to the new Salmon River Grill for a tasty and warming lunch. This weekend I am planning the same trip, but this time I’ll ski with a friend, stop for brunch then ski back. Oh my blistered heals will hate me, but the rest of me will be smiling.

If cross country skiing is not your thing, strap on snowshoes and walk up any one of our mountains and enjoy the view. Last week I hiked the Oscar Loop in Ymir, an easy 1 hour hike, with a backpack full of popcorn string and sunflower seed decorations and decorated a tree. I sat back on a sunny rock, one advantage of no snow, and enjoyed the sun. I laughed as birds and squirrels found the treats and scampered away. I didn’t really need my snowshoes as the trails were packed down, but it was awesome to get out in nature and enjoy all the beauty these mountains have to offer.