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Why you'll want to explore the area on snowshoes

Why you'll want to explore the area on snowshoes

Snowshoe the Logden Lodge Way: Go Rural!


When we moved in on December 1st, 2012 the house was empty, of course. Except for 2 pairs of snowshoes the previous owners left for us. We had never snowshoed so we were eager to try them out. We didn’t have to wait long. Because a Kootenay Winter = a Lot, a Lot, Wow! a Lot of Snow!

We strapped on the snowshoes on our doorstep and off we went into that wide expanse of beautiful winterscape. Up the mountain behind our property, exploring our 42 acres of unspoiled forest land, hanging ribbons where we thought the cabins should be. Down our driveway to the Salmo River and the Nelson Salmo Great Northern Trail, up to our viewpoint and frozen pond, to the left and right & up and down the surrounding mountains …

Dreaming of Snowshoeing from your own Private Cabin in the mountains? When you start to snowshoe from your cabin doorstep you can’t get lost that easily, even when you don’t know the area well. When you’ve had enough, just head down. You’ll eventually end up either at our Lodge again, on our road or at one of our friendly neighbors down, down the road who will show you the way back to your cabin.

It’s a great exercise and a relaxing way to explore the area, especially in Winter. The underbrush is covered with snow so you can snowshoe areas difficult to walk otherwise. A good thing about it too is, you can stop whenever you like to enjoy the views or examine the animal tracks.

No lessons required and it is easy; We have snowshoes at our Lodge for you to rent and we made a few trails with ribbons on the trees of which we have a map. As we are surrounded by many acres of crown land you can just freely continue to explore.