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This winter, things will be a little different

This winter, things will be a little different

Update DECEMBER 18, 2020 • WHAT'S NEW 

We understand you may have questions and concerns regarding your plans for the winter season. During these uncertain times and constant changes due to Covid-19, we like to help you find the right information, for you to be as informed as you can when you book with us.

No Winter Packages at Logden Lodge this year
We’ve decided not to offer any of our five Winter Packages this year. However our partners are open and keep offering their services as long as the situation allows it:
- Previously Ski & Tour and Secret Stash touring packages: Guided back-country touring, for direct bookings kindly contact Summit Mountain Guides in Nelson. 
- Previously Cat & Heli Ski packages, for more information on cat & heli skiing partners, please go to our Winter Activities Page.
- Previously Ski & Stay Package with Whitewater Ski Resort: we will not be able to offer any ticket discounts or purchase tickets on our guests’ behalf. For more information on how to book your lift tickets, kindly see below.

Whitewater Ski Resort : Open
As a long time member of Whitewater Ski Resort, this is the go-to-resort for most of our guests. The resort is up the road from our Lodge, just a short 20 min. drive from door to lift.

This season, day lift tickets can only be pre-purchased online with limited availability, at the Whitewater Ski Resort website.
Kindly read the terms and conditions prior to purchasing your tickets, as we will not be able to intervene on your behalf. More information on the resort’s adjusted operations and how to book your ticket can be found here. 

Cross-Country Skiing
If you're looking for cross-country on groomed trails, being it classic or skate-skiing, these are 2 excellent options nearby:
- Whitewater’s Nordic Centre offers 5km of multi-use trails for skate skiing, snowshoeing, and snow biking, all of it dog friendly. Information on the resorts adjusted operations here.
- At 10 mins from our Lodge just opposite the turn-off to the Whitewater excess road the Nelson Nordic Ski Club maintains over 30km of trails groomed for both classic and skate skiing. For more information on the adjusted operations can be found here.

RED Mountain Resort : Open
Guests who stay with us longer than a few nights like to ski at least a day at RED Mountain Resort as well. RED is a bit further out but very accessible at an hours drive (75km), located just outside the charming town of Rossland.

At RED there is no reservation system for day tickets or pass holders, and no cap on daily visitation is anticipated.

More information on the resort’s adjusted operations and how to book your ticket can be found here.

Face coverings required at both resorts.

As in previous years, we will do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The resorts and so are we, have and are taking measures to keep everyone safe and to minimize any risk and exposure. We will keep you informed on any changes as soon as we learn them, but please keep yourselves updated as well with all the changes and the applicable

- Logden Lodge    - Whitewater Ski Resort    - Red Mountain Resort

Thank you for your understanding and of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best wishes,
Paul and Annelies
Co-owners & founders Logden Lodge