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Not Everyone is a Skier on a Powder Day

Not Everyone is a Skier on a Powder Day


We might be in the ‘Snow Valley’ but don’t let that scare you off when you are not a skier, and your partner perhaps is. There are many ways to enjoy your well deserved break here, by yourself or together.  

Winter is the best time of the year to Cozy up in Your Cabin.

We imagined ourselves doing exactly that, so we provided a few things you might need and don’t need to bring along.

Enjoy a long bath

Relax and feel your worries melt away, you don’t need to be anywhere. It is cold outside, isn’t this the best time to enjoy a long hot bath? Rejuvenate in your deep soaker bathtub, we provide bath salts on request.

Play Games

Spend some time away from your devices and play a game or do a puzzle. Remember how it used to be growing up, sitting around the table with your family for hours and hours playing Kaiser? Board games and cards are provided in your cabin, or bring your own to play.

Loose yourself in a Book

Cuddle up in front of the wood burning stove and read that book you always wanted to read. Disconnect and loose yourself in that novel, historical fiction or any other non-required reading, you can not find the time or peace of mind for during your busy days. Fluffy bathrobes and bookmarks are in your cabin, you only need to bring your book.

Journaling and let go of whatever comes to mind.

When away from the city and work, it often takes a while to clear your head. Things that happened go through your mind and your to do list for when you get back home gets longer by the minute. To let go, it helps to write your thoughts down or just scribble away. Some of us even hold a deep dream of writing. We just need a quiet place to get started. We provide the Logden Lodge pen (which writes pretty good actually!), you bring your notebook.

Or Head Outside.

Breath in some fresh air, even when it is cold outside. 

Explore your surroundings on foot or even better, on snowshoes and head up to our viewpoint for little break to enjoy the view and warm up. Why you'll want to explore the area on snowshoes? You can take it as far and wherever you’d like to (you can bring your own snowshoes or rent them from us for a small charge).
Or if you like to do something different, we can organize dogsledding for you? Check out our Winter activities page for information about all you can do around here.

Skier or not, the beauty of winter will take your breath away.