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minimum 2-night stay

Minimum 2-night stay

After all these years welcoming you just for one night, due to changed cleaning practices and a newly imposed wait period between cabin staysall bookings are now subject to a minimum 2-night stay, at least until September 30th. 
We may extent this period, so please contact us if you are planning to book beyond this date.

The newly imposed wait period of 24 hours for new guest arrivals after last guests departure a cabin applies to all new reservations. This could result in us assigning you a different cabin. To make sure you’ll stay in the cabin of your choice, please consult our reservation system or contact us.

Please familiarize yourself with all other measures we have taken to minimize any risk and exposure to Covid-19 to allow our guests maximum flexibility, before you book with us: Covid-19: Our responce

Thank you for your understanding. 
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best wishes,
Paul & Annelies