• May. 18 - The regulars just changed names


That typical silence only nature can provide is now here again. Working side by side since Sept., the crew that made Logden’s cabins possible is done. Little regulars in different colours immediately moved back once the quiet returned.

The blue & black Steller’s Jay couple is building their nest, as are the orange & grayish American Robin and Thrush couples over & over again in impossible places. The squirrels were already running around busily & noisily as they are. The woodpeckers also let us know they have returned. New to us are the Winter Wren’s, singing beautifully while we are working our way through our to-do list. And now since a few days the hummingbirds are here again, tiny acrobats flying with the speed of light in front of our windows. Beautiful colourful Rufous, Calliope & Black-Chinned hummingbird are back at Logden Lodge.

A special & grateful thank you to Markus for managing this project, his friendship & much more than we can put into a few words. To Isaac for his hard work, flexibility & being with us from the start & still is. To Ben, Sylvan & Sylvia for saving the days & their endless energy. To Erik & Jay for the hard cold winter months. To Joel for his tiling artwork & flexibility. And to Mike, Travis & Vern for helping us out for a ‘little while’ that lasted a good deal longer.

These are some of the men & woman from Ymir, Eerie, Salmo & the Slocan Valley that made Logden Lodge possible. You will find them and others who were special to us in so many ways soon in our honor roll on a dedicated page on our website.