• Mar. 25 - It is all in the details

It is all in the details


With a new week we are getting closer to finishing the 4 rustic luxury cabins we are building from the ground up. After another gorgeous weekend of clear blue sky & fresh snow, the excellent crew from our own town Ymir started the week refreshed & ready to go.

Three of our cabins are now in their final stages; fir on the floors, the last trimming touches on the walls & windows and handmade cabinets for the kitchen & bathroom, sliding doors for the rooms and railings on the robust steps to the loft are being installed. We are just amazed by how each of them have their own unique feel when you step through the door.

Today Elise cabin is the proud owner of a build-in bed frame that went through an antiquing process first, she will be one of a kind here at Logden Lodge. Our tile expert will put the final touches to the grand wall tiles in the bathroom of Gold Cup Cabin, giving the light cedar that well deserved cozy contrast. Cottonwood Cabin is so close to finish that soon she will meet her handmade dining table with comfortable benches for a long evening of good food & wine. And last but not least, Heritage Cabin will have her White Pine staircase too, complementing her interior walls of cedar and fir.

Thorough the whole process from our drawing table to becoming reality by clearing the area to make room for the cabins, laying high quality infrastructure & the different stages of building 4 luxury cabins different from the inside and out, one red line went through it all: “It is all in the details”.