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Dec. 21 - 7 photos that show Winter is Officially here

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WH2O 93 cm and RED 50cm of powder, already.


Nearby Ski Resorts, Whitewater and Red Mountain, showing great promise. Whitewater, the area’s hidden gem, has already 75 cm of base packed snow.

It is snowing earlier and much more than last year. Just to compare: On November 6th, 2015, RED's last 7 days' total snowfall was 14 cm. Whitewater had the 2nd highest snowfall in BC and 3rd highest in Canada, with 63 cm making the season’s total snowfall so far of 74 cm.

With still 2 weeks to go, late yesterday’s count is already much higher.

This early in the year the last 7 days’ snowfall is the season’s total snowfall. And it looks like the snow is there to stay. Total snowfall and settled snowpack at RED are 50 cm and WH2O 93 cm and 75 cm.


Posted 9.43 am