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Ymir's own Tiny Lights Festival

Ymir's own Tiny Lights Festival

Tiny Lights & Logden Lodge, the perfect combination.


Rain or shine, our town is ready to host THE festival. With incredible indoor and outdoor venues, food stands and diverse unique vendors, the town will be able to offer festival goers an amazing array of music and art, no matter what the weather.

The tiny town of Ymir will be transformed into the walking, breathing, living music and arts festival known as “Tiny Lights”. Our local pub will be packed with guitars and keyboards; the Palace Inn will come alive with theatre skits and workshops; our historic church will find its soul awakened by fiddlers, banjos, and jazz musicians; and the Old Ymir School House will be rocked to its rafters by spoken word and indie artists from across Canada. Artists, musicians, actors, spoken word artists, and entertainers of all kinds will descend on Ymir and the town will open its arms to guests and performers alike.

BC is known for its exceptional festivals, and Ymir kicks off the summer by beating the heat and offering this incredible experience early June every year.

A stay at Logden Lodge is the perfect complement to this incredible experience. After a full day of the sounds and sites of the festival, come back and re-energize in the peaceful natural haven that you will find here. Minutes from the festival, you can come and go from the music and movement of Tiny Lights and rest up for an evening of dancing and song. Sit by the peaceful river, read a book on your private deck, and then head back to the festival for a taste of the best artists in Canada.

Come and enjoy the annual Tiny Lights Festival with us!