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There is snow, than there is Ymir snow

Deep, Fluffy & Light!


Today I went snowshoeing up behind Quartz Creek. Although there are old logging roads and trails, I decided to go “off the beaten path” and hike along the creek bed. Before I started, as I stood on the road, I could see the creek gently flowing, the banks covered with glistening fluffy white snow. All around me I could see animal tracks racing to and from the seemingly endless trees. Perfect.

I took a step off the path. I sank. I checked to see if I had forgotten my snowshoes, but no. They were securely strapped onto my feet. I took another step, and I sank some more. I sank past my knees, past my mid-thigh and stopped just short of my waist. I am not exaggerating. This snow was light and fluffy, and endless. I looked behind me to see if my little dog, a Chihuahua cross, was buried alive. She was standing right behind me, tail wagging, anxious to get walking, but smart enough to wait for me to break trail. And break trail I did. We walked up the creek bed, over fallen trees, around tree wells and to the saddle of a small hill. Though it was deep, it was fluffy, it was light, and it was breathtaking. I enjoyed every minute of our two hour hike.

We at Logden Lodge have hiked, skied and snowshoed many of the trails and mountains around Ymir. We can show you where to go to enjoy every moment of your time outdoors, especially in these bottomless powder conditions; with or without your snowshoes. 

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