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The Kootenays makes you do incredible things

The Kootenays makes you do incredible things

Ymir and area plays host to incredible people, mountains, rivers, and culture. It has a spirit that makes you feel like anything is possible. That spirit inspired me to fly.


I am by nature a chicken. I ski, but not fast. I hike, always slow. I am terrified, petrified, of heights. Every step I take I believe I will stumble and fall. And yet, I paraglide.

I accomplished my goal. I did three solo flights, under the brilliant and caring tutelage of Kootenay Paragliding Instructors, Jay Leus and Joaquin Klein, and landing coach, Andrew Leus. It was so hard to get over my fear of flying, of crashing, of heights, and of trusting myself. But I did it. The adrenaline of running and being lifted into the air, the awesomeness of flying with the birds and looking over the mountain tops, the exhilaration of landing and the overpowering emotion of it all is beyond words.

There is something about the Kootenays that makes you believe in yourself. It is at once relaxing, inviting, inspiring, and energizing. For those that are planning to visit the Kootenays, Ymir has the ability to push your limits or to simply enjoy the beauty and surroundings of true mountain spirit.

Here are a few things you can do while visiting us at Logden Lodge:

• Tandem Paragliding with Kootenay Paragliders

• Mine tours of the Kootenays

• Backcountry Snowmobile and Ski Tours

• Cross-country and alpine skiing

• Health and Wellness Retreats

• Nature hikes and relaxing river strolls

• Mountain biking and cross country road biking

• Relax, enjoy

• And get married.