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Stunning Colours in Fall

Stunning Colours in Fall


Living in the mountains and you love colour and change, one season definitely stands out and that is Fall.

Our first season in Ymir was Winter, the huge snowfalls this area is known for, for sure took us by surprise. Great for exploring the area on snowshoes though. Then Spring came, yes a bit wet but fascinating when you are a gardener (which I was not at the time) and like to follow new growth popping up every where. Summer, ah yes. Hot days just the way I like them. Definitely on my colour-list. A new world opened up for me, with the most lovely wildflowers I’ve ever seen in all colours of the rainbow.

I never was that fond of Fall before we moved here. Being a city girl and having lived in countries without the four seasons for many years, to me Fall meant the end of warm and long days turning into wet and short days with mostly horizontal winds.

But then I experience Fall here, or Autumn as we call this season.
The trees change colour, the water in the rivers drops showing mossy rocks and mushrooms everywhere in all sizes and colours. Not slowly, but from one day to the next, so to keep up we need to get outside and explore. I am in total awe on my daily walks and regular hikes... And the smell! Better than any perfume I know of!

It is a short season though, here in the Snow Valley. Usually the weather changes to Winter half November and the season without colour starts covering all that natural bright red, yellow and green into white.