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Spring in Ymir

Spring in Ymir


Spring has sprung in the Kootenays, and there is nowhere more inspiring this time of year than Ymir.

The old railway trail that runs through our town is clear of snow and ready to walk, run and ride on. You can take a leisurely stroll through town or hop on your bike and tour all the way to Nelson. I have not seen any bear scat yet, so I think the bears haven’t realized that it is Spring; the birds know and they are out singing bright and early every morning. The Salmo river is running and soon we’ll see the brave early season kayakers and canoeists coming down the rapids and smiling to us onlookers.

Our local mountain bike trails are free of snow and the local trail builders have been out every day clearing the winter debris. Their enthusiasm is catching and mountain bikers have already been spotted pedalling up and flying down our trails. Our recently built skate park is winter-free and soon we will be watching the local kids and visitors alike skating, riding, and loving the new park. Kootenay Paragliders, Ymir’s dynamic and professional Parachuting School and Tandem team are ready to launch this season’s excursions. Best of all, our local Frisbee Golf course is free of snow and the discs are flying through the early evening sun.

Ymir is ready for Spring again.

The energy in town is high, the forests are coming alive and it is a wonderful place to come to relax or find your adventure in our mountains.