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Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life


In a fast-paced environment, photo opportunities arise at the blink of an eye.
It takes a wealth of creativity and experience to predict and capture that moment and beauty it holds.
At Logden, it's a lot easier! 
Tim Whybrow

Having a camera in hand throughout his childhood, Tim took the path of creativity from a young age. From his first super VHS JVC video camera in 2002 at the age of 9, his career was destined. Whilst developing a musical and somewhat comical personality on YouTube in its early days, Tim reached millions of viewers worldwide whilst progressing further with his technical photography and cinematography abilities. After studying at the renowned Bond University in Queensland, Australia, Tim now passionately lives by the lens with the casual acoustic 'pub gig' accompanied by poor dad jokes. His outgoing personality and advanced industry knowledge make him a bundle of joy to work with.

If you like sharing what you love to do through visuals or words,
our Media Program might just be the program for you too.