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Rain or Shine ...

Rain or Shine ...


As I am writing this, I can hear the constant drizzling of rain outside and am enjoying the sounds of the drops against my window. March has brought record rainfalls, and we have only begun our spring showers. And yet, I have enjoyed every single day.

Why? Because I have continued to walk or hike all the beautiful country roads that run through Ymir and it’s mountains. Despite the slushy snow still in the trees, and maybe because of it, I have felt more at peace in these mountains and have felt more in tuned with nature then I have all winter long.

There is something about being out in nature, when everyone else is huddled inside, that gives you a greater appreciation of the true beauty and wilderness that Ymir and the Kootenays have to offer.

My uncle used to say that there was no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.
I have really come to live by that saying. I have worn my rain pants and rain jacket, my water proof boots, and my light mitts, and have spent hours walking up and down the roads and hills. My friends have passed me by in their cars, shaking their heads laughing, more at my Chihuahua in her sweater then me I think, but still I continue on.

And the best part of it all?
Walking into my home, sweetened by the warmth that only a wood stove can give, and stripping out of my soaked rain gear, just to reward myself with a long bath.

We know how important a warm welcome is after an inspiring walk in the rain, and that is why every one of our cabins has luxurious soaker tubs and inviting wood stoves. Top that off with a glass of wine and a good book, and you too may never want the rain to stop.