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Our Story

To be clear, we never aspired to the riches and opulence (not to mention the sable furs..) of the Arnolfini's, as famously fixed on to a panel by the Early Netherlandish painter Jan van Eyck. But there're two things we share with this newly-wed medieval couple; an enterprising profession and a strongly held aspiration - both symbolized here by the color of green.

Logden Lodge came about, first and foremost, because we aspired to a different way of living. Simpler, more balanced and rich in opportunity to freely explore and experience new ways of doing things. We imagined, and were quickly proven right, that this ambition would be best realized in an environment rich in nature, short on constraints and where time still passes by in a rhythm of its own.

Our valley in the Kootenays is precisely that place, rendering the realization of our aspirations a fairly easy task. Now we have established our presence, one of the things we enjoy most is to share that liberating experience with our guests as well.

And this is where our "growing green" ambition begets its central place in everything we do. Not just because it's the right thing to do. But equally important, because the small sacrifices and inconveniences that taking care of nature sometimes asks are more than outweighed by the big rewards nature unfailingly offers in return. To watch a biodegradable trash-bag (yes, a little more expensive) morph into compost, becoming fertile earth for a seedling, that grows into a deliciously sweet raspberry (for free!) is not only miraculous, it brings a smile to your face. In other words, growing green has for us, former city dwellers, been an extraordinary gratifying as well as joyful experience.

Now, we certainly understand these things may not be at the forefront of your mind when you visit us. After all, you’re most likely here precisely to let go of things, to not have to think about stuff and simply kick back and unwind. And that’s a good thing. So our intention is simply to let nature speak for itself, with our role being little more than to preserve it's voice; the rippling sound of the creek, the colorful beds of wildflowers, the incredible night sky, the variety of wildlife living here and passing through, the quiet.

Everything you're able and willing to do to help us stay green is certainly much appreciated. You are here to enjoy yourselves, we are here to make sure that that is exactly what you'll find. From what we've learned from guests who went before you, our motto "Living the Nature of Things" is the surest thing to make that happen!