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From the very outset, sustainable and eco-friendly practices were placed at the heart of Logden Lodge’s realisation and subsequent operations. This came in many shapes and forms, big and small and the results speak more or less for themselves. More or less, because not everything may be immediately obvious, or even visible for that matter.

A closer look at the landscaping surrounding the cabins for example may give away some hints that special measures were taken to preserve what was there before - by using only small machinery and plenty of manual labor, many a cedar or grand fir survived where they otherwise would’ve given way during construction. But how we sourced our wood for instance (small local mills only), or the origins of the variety in vegetation (our own wild seed collection & sowing projects) or the fact that we solely use vegetable oil in our chainsaw (it runs just as good!) may be less self evident.

In short, we do have a story to tell - about what we’ve done, what we’re working on and what we’re aiming for still. But as with any good story, for it to be believable it needs to be credible. So we decided to partner with Green Tourism Canada, one, if not the most credible rating agency with regard to green practices in the hospitality industry. For sure their criteria are stringent, encompass a wide range of operations and come with a diligent verification process requiring physical evidence for every claim put forth. But it has been more than worth our while. In April this year, we received their highest Gold rating for our practices - and with that you as our guest can be sure our story and actions are for real.

With Green Tourism Canada's help we continue to finetune and expand our efforts and work towards new goals for the future that are realistically achievable for a small-sized operation as ourselves. A detailed summary of our actions and objectives, organized around 11 different categories, can be found in below pdf document. We intend to update this document on a quarterly basis so you can track our progress with us over time.

A small sample; 

• Generate our own hydro-electricity from our creek (we already process our own septic waste and source our own water);
• Continuous and organized monitoring of our natural habitat and wildlife, incl. through guest participation;
• Further reduce our energy consumption;
• Measure our carbon footprint;
• Improve accessibility to our surrounding natural habitat;
• Support sustainable practices undertaken by our local community

“Living the Nature of Things” is Logden Lodge's ongoing journey - we hope it proves inspirational in some way!