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Stay a while, Spring has its own charm

Stay a while, Spring has its own charm


Taking a break between the high seasons? Spring is the perfect time to rest, relax and recharge. Stay a while in one of our private luxury cabins nestled in the woods and enjoy all that this season has to offer. When you love nature, you’ll love your time at our Lodge in Spring too.

Our 4 “W’s” in Spring.


When you stay in the forest, there is always wildlife around. You’ll see prints of f.i. moose, coyote or elk in the snow, or you might be lucky like our guests were, and admire a bobcat sniffing around your cabin.

Spring especially equals bears coming out of hibernation and strolling down the mountains. You might see them grazing grass or clovers or just passing by, so it is the time to be careful that’s for sure. And when the flowers start to bloom in April you know the hummingbirds are coming back from their stay in a nice warm climate and join the numerous singing birds you will be seeing here. But that is just to name a few of the regular visitors.


We are surrounded by water. Lakes, creeks, rivers and in Spring a pond, all of them are fed by the snow that melts, and this year we had a lot of snow.

Our own year round Elise Creek fills up drastically and becomes wild! Did you ever wake up to the sound of a creek rushing past your bedroom? Spring is the time to enjoy the creek the most. Salmo River, that runs across from our Lodge, is beautifully rough this time of year and hard to resist not to walk along. Or if you like to take it a little higher, a hike to one of the remote mountain nearby lakes and stay the day. You’ll probably see wildflowers and snow at the same time.


Early Spring is the time to visit if you are fascinated sprouts and seedlings popping up everywhere & looking up what they might be. Usually the first one to bloom in April is the Wake Robin followed by all the colors of the rainbow. Wild yellow violet’s, orange Tiger Lilies, pink Lupines, purple Asters, wild red Columbines and the little white flowers of wild strawberries is just to name a few, not to mention the flowers in our own gardens.


One thing we just can not control is the weather and it can be unpredictable. This time last year, our property was almost snow free and the first wildflowers were blooming. This year, the snow seems here to stay and to explore the mountains you can strap on your snowshoes.

For sure it will rain this year too, after all it is Spring. But aren’t rainy days perfect for curling up on the couch in front of the fire, listen to the rain and read that book you’ve wanted to read for a long long time now?

Whatever the weather is going to be, Spring has its own charm.