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Under the helpful guidance of one of our local guides, you'll go places you would never hear about or find on any map. Each an expert in their field, they know our neck of the woods like no other and are happy to take you to their secret spots (well, some of them at least...), share their stories and safely guide you through our great outdoors.

Advance booking is strongly recommended. All rates subject to applicable taxes. 

Ymir area nature walks are a wonderful way to enjoy and learn about the flora, fauna, landmarks, and history of our beautiful corner of the Kootenays. Pull on your walking boots, get appropriately dressed, bring some snacks and water, and get ready to discover the rich and fascinating ecosystem of this region. From edible and medicinal plants and berries, to towering trees, and all the creatures in between: learn what lives here and why locals love to call Ymir home.

Our local expert Keith Davies will be your guide. His abundant enthusiasm,  extraordinary in-depth knowledge and deep passion for sharing with others about anything to do with our forests make for an unforgettable experience and guarantee you’ll never look at a forest the same way again.

Rate: $100. Duration: 3 hours. Maximum group size: 8 persons.

Take this perfect opportunity to go on a Salmo River Drift Boat Tour with a local fisherman and experience the serene beauty of this incredible river. It is generally rare to see any other people at all on this floating trip. This is your chance chance to be alone with the fish and the crystal clear waters of the Salmo. 

The local fly-fisherman accompanying you can provide just the right fly and technique to assure you have the best chances of connecting with Bull Trout or Rainbow Trout of all sizes. Bring your own equipment or rent from us, either way you are sure to have a trip to remember.

The Salmo river is open for fishing between June 15th and March 15th.

A non-resident 1 day license is $20 and can be acquired online the day before the tour or upon request we arrange this for you.

1/2 day tour; $300 per person
Full day tour (including lunch); $575 per person

In partnership with Kootenay Paragliding Adventures, a small local outfitter, we are thrilled to be able to add paragliding to our latest set of Summer Outdoor Specials. Kootenay Paragliding Adventures is the only company in Canada offering both "drive-to-fly" and "hike-to-fly" paragliding options for the 2018 season.

The entire 3-4 hour paragliding experience includes transportation, paragliding instruction, tandem flight with a fully licensed pilot, and in-flight photos (transferred to your mobile device or email immediately after landing).

The adventurous "hike-to-fly" option involves a 2 hour steep hike preceding a beautiful flight over the City of Nelson - a high level of fitness is required to experience this unique adventure.

Kindly note: All flights are dependent on suitable flying weather.

$200CAD per person / 1 booking
$185CAD per person / 2 or more bookings

More information at kootenayparaglidingadventures.com

Today's serene mountains surrounding Ymir bustled with feverish activity during the gold rush era. The long abandoned mines that still dot our landscape tell a fascinating story and make for an exciting visit.

More details to follow soon as we're finalizing this latest addition to our package tours.