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How to Beat the Traffic to Whitewater Ski Resort

How to Beat the Traffic to Whitewater Ski Resort.

Staying in Ymir has many advantages, especially on a powder day.


The drive to Whitewater from Nelson is a short one, but it’s even shorter if you come from Ymir. The distance is not what makes the difference. It’s the direction in which you are driving.

Imagine that you left your hotel in Nelson bright and early, hoping to get to Whitewater’s Ski Resort well before it opens. 
You’re driving south bound down highway 6, singing your favourite tune, daydreaming of powder, and smiling huge. Then…stop. There is a line of cars ahead of you and though there is no accident, you are stopped dead. Why? Every car has to make a left turn, across the highway, to turn up the Whitewater road. Every car has to wait their turn, and there are dozens, if not a hundred cars in front of you. So much for fresh tracks.

Now imagine you have just left Logden Lodge in Ymir. 
You are heading north bound on highway 3. You are singing the same tune, dreaming the same dream and look, no cars in front of you. You get to the Whitewater turnoff and laugh. You laugh at all those poor souls, waiting in line, waiting to turn left up the road, as you make a right turn, no cars in front of you. You may have left at the same time as your buddies staying in Nelson, but guaranteed, you’ll be clicking in your skis while they are still sitting on the highway, dreaming of powder.