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Help birds weather winter

Don’t forget to look up. The birds might be hungry.


Imagine a place where nature is outside the front door.
Where in winter all is covered with a thick layer of snow for months. Where cabin life is about enjoying the peace and quiet that makes a snow filled winter in nature so special. Where the only sound interrupting the quietness, is that of small wildlife.  

Frequent visitors, visibly and vocally, are Steller’s Jay, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and chickadees. And squirrels of course, running around busily and noisily as they are. You might hear thrushes, see a grouse or an arctic hare crossing, even a dipper was spotted dipping into Elise creek a couple of times this winter. At night you could have a flying squirrel landing on your porch.

When the colder temperatures settle in and the snow is here to stay, we start feeding them. Hanging suet in trees and sprinkling seed mixes in the numerous bird-feeders around, are our way to help them survive the winter.

And carrying seeds in our pocket has become second nature.
Because nuthatches and chickadees are around every minute of every day, always hungry for sunflower seeds. Less shy than the others, these little ones land on your head and arms waiting to be fed. 
If this happens to you too, just put your hand out and they will land on your fingers. 
You just might have a dozen little birds taking their turn eating out of your hand!

A True Piece of Secluded Paradise. 
Don’t miss a chance to hand feed the local birds when you're there, yet another beautiful reminder of how Logden Lodge is at one with the natural environment.
~ Scott

Help birds weather winter with the jar of sunflower seeds in your cabin.