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Fall is the perfect time to cycle & hike the Loop

Fall is the perfect time to cycle & hike the Loop

“North America’s only multinational scenic loop"


Are you planning a road trip? The International Selkirk Loop is one of the best scenic routes for cyclists, mountain bikers and hikers alike, according to The Seattle Times. Describing Fall as one of the best times to travel the route, our area is just gorgeous year-round.

The article "Selkirk Loop offers autumn wows for cyclists, hikers, road trippers" describes in detail and in an amazing way all the natural beauty the area has to offer. Travel the Loop, that of course brings you into the Ymir and Kootenay Lake area.

“Cycling is one of the best ways to see the Selkirk area. Road bikers can make their way along the loop’s generally uncrowded two-lane country highways, occasionally detouring onto back roads or paved or graded trails en route.

The area is also a mountain-biking destination where adrenaline junkies take advantage of the roller-coaster terrain. The same terrain that appeals to mountain bikers draws hikers in droves. There are millions of acres of public land in the Selkirk Loop footprint and trails crisscross it all. They range from quarter-mile kid-friendly walks to multiday backpacking expeditions."

As Logden Lodge is a member of the Loop you'll find your own copy of the map and the travel guide in your cabin.