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Epic “locals-only” riding

Epic “locals-only” riding

“There’s adventure right out the front door at Logden Lodge.”


Aaron Theisen, a Spokane-based outdoors writer and photographer, used our Lodge as his base to explore the area on this mountain bike. 

“One of the best things about basing a bike trip out of  Logden Lodge - aside from the rad robes, of course - is the access to some “locals-only” riding. It’s even better when the dirt is good and the trails are playful. The handful of private cabins bring hand-crafted European style to the Kootenays, but even more importantly, they bring adventurers within easy reach of classic Kootenay trails."

His high energy group, lovers of a challenge and their bikes rode the trails around Ymir, Salmo and Nelson were in awe. 

I can’t believe I haven’t been here before.
I could bike for weeks and not bike the same trail twice & it is just across the border.
We will definitely be back.

His article, Dirt meet Deluxe in the Kootenays, was published in Spokane Magazine Out There Outdoors.

A sneak peek for those who love to bike.

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