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Change your pace and slow it down in nature



Sometimes you just need to change the pace, scenery, routine, and slow it down in nature.

I always look forward to spring: longer days, rising temperatures, more colour outside than just white. Spring can also be quite moody, weather-wise. We’ve had snowstorms, beautiful sunny days quickly melting the snow on the ground, but also days and days of rain. Like they say; you can not predict the weather.

But that doesn’t have to stop you from going on a relaxing getaway. We can get so wrapped up in how to get most out of winter, getting restless about all you can to do when it is so beautiful outside with a constant refill of fresh snow to play in, that we don’t take moments to pause and reflect on ourselves. That’s what spring can be all about for you, unpredictable and all. 

Spending some time in your own cozy and comfortable cabin in the middle of the forest, rain or shine, is so peaceful because you don’t need or want to go anywhere. It can be the best recharge when you allow yourself to just be.  

Worried about cabin fever? Some things you can do in and around your cabin:
~ Spend some time away from your devices and play games with your friends and family,
~ Enjoy a long bath in your deep soaker tub,
~ Read a good book,
~ Share stories by the fire pit by your cabin,
~ Go for a short hike on our trail or a walk along the river that runs in front of our lodge, or when you stay early spring strap on snowshoes and go wherever you like,
~ Spend some time in the historic town Nelson, it is only 20 minutes away,
~ Prepare a meal in your kitchen or on the BBQ,
~ Feed the birds from your porch,
~ Journal, sleep in, sit in silence in your porch, wonder what kind of tree that might be, and do or don’t do what you always wanted but haven’t had the ‘time’ for.

Changing the pace, routine, scenery, and slow it down in nature can be very new. I hope by visualising how your stay can be, will make you think;
Yes that is exactly what I need for myself this spring.