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A Season’s HolidayStay that stays with you

A Season’s HolidayStay that stays with you


Wherever you are born or grew up, the imagery we all share is a holiday season with fluffy snow, colourful lights, a tree in the house and probably above all else, quality time with family and loved ones. Children travel, sometimes from far, to spend time with their parents, enjoy mum's (or dad’s) cooking, go for long walks and play games together, preferable in our PJ’s, all day long. Time stops, no-where you need to go.

It is the time that magical something is the air that makes us cheerful and expectant, but also reflect. What did we accomplish this year, is there something we like to do (better) in the next? On our relationships and those who are not with us anymore. Happiness and sadness go hand in hand and that is ok, because it is Christmas, because it is New Year.

During our first year as a Lodge we thought long about how we could best create a December to remember. We decided to go with how we would like to spend our holidays in these magical woods ourselves hoping our guests will like it too. 

“The Cabin was wonderful with all the things you need to fully feel at home, there was a decorated real Christmas tree in the living room, all the cabins were decorated with lights, and of course the wood burning stove that seemed to be on all the time. When you stepped outside you were greeted with fresh powder snow each day, what more could you ask for?”

“They had an amazing set up for all guests during the countdown - candles lighting the way to the bonfire, champagne and mulled wine for the guests, and fireworks at midnight.”

“I couldn't imagine a better way to ring in the New Year!”