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6 Great Things To Do while visiting our Lodge

6 Great Things To Do while visiting our Lodge


“Why Ymir?”, many ask us as it is such a small town and we could literally have built our cabins and open Logden Lodge anywhere in the world.

Browsing our website you will find many answers to this question. For one, just look at the photo’s. This area is just gorgeous and not yet overcrowded, so you can enjoy all that nature has to offer in private and thus to the fullest. We have been here almost 4 years and we more and more discover that the list of things to do is just endless. But what jumps out for us what you can do when staying at our Lodge?

Visit the surrounding remote mountain lakes.
Definitely number one. Some lakes are easy accessible, to some you need a proper 4x4, to some you are in for a good hike. Barrett Lake, Lost Lake, Panther Lake are just to name a few of the lakes nearby. Each have their own character & are breathtaking all year long.

Hike up Elise Mountain.
You might have come across “Elise” on our website, as it is the name of our creek and one of our cabins is Elise Cabin, being the one closest to the creek. Our creek actually springs & is fed water (you can enjoy in all 4 cabins) from Elise Mountain. Our property is 42 acres, but this is just a number as we are surrounded by crown land on three sides. At the backside of our property, that’s where you can freely hike to and then up Elise Mountain and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Explore the backcountry.
As most of the surrounding land is owned by the Crown (government), you are allowed to explore the area freely as long as you don’t damage nature or disturb the animals. Whether it is Summer or Winter, people are drawn to our area to get away from the crowds. And these are the High Tourist Seasons. What surprises us is that the area is not visited more in Spring and Fall as the colors are just amazing and the weather usually pleasant and mild.

Visit an old abandoned mine.
Canada not being that old yet compared to our own European heritage, is proud of its history. When we say “antique”, here it is “vintage”. What is so unique (to us) is that as in Europe all remnants of history are protected and you pay a fee to visit, here old gold and copper mines are still easily accessible and you can just stroll around, often by yourself. You even might find something left by the miners as we did. However, most of these mines are on private property (can you imagine??) so if you like to visit one, let us know and we can arrange a visit for you.

Another worthwhile option is to make a day trip to Sandon, the area's well known gold mine town, now a ghost town.

A local take about a visit to one of the gold mines near Ymir: Experience Ymir's booming Mining Days.

Visit Nelson.
Nelson is a 20 min drive from our Lodge. It is unlike any town in BC. When we explored BC for the right place to settle, Nelson just stood out. And we saw many towns…. In the centre of town you are surrounded by numerous buildings from the mining time, and they are very well maintained. Picturesque bistro’s to eat, cute little shops, a museum well worth visiting and of course Kootenay Lake & its well known landmark the BOB (Big Orange Bridge). When you drive a little further passed the bridge you can take the longest free ferry in the world, The Kootenay Lake Ferry. The town offers all the services to enjoy the area and the lake.

Stay with us more than one night.
Guests who stay one night, the minute they walk in the cabin say “we should have booked more nights”. They are pleasantly surprised by how luxurious and comfy our cabins actually are. And the area offers so much, it is truly a shame to just pass through. However, what tends to get in the way of outdoor activity plans of our longer staying guests…? The spacious cabin porches…. we’ve been told.