• Elise Cabin, sept 2015 AB

When you escape the rush from daily life to recharge you need your break to be something special. Plain & simple, we understand perfectly. For your convenience this page gives you access to all reviews, including the ones our guests leave on the chalkboards in the cabins.

If you'd like to leave an online review of your stay with us, these are the places you might want to consider. Tripadvisor still seems to be the most influential one. 

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Paul Hulshoff and Annelies Ellerman
Owners and Founders of Logden Lodge

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“Love Love Love This Place”
We stayed at Logden Lodge for two nights and it was absolutely wonderful. The unique cottages are picture perfect, luxurious, and the hosts are excellent. Highly recommend it for a peaceful getaway, especially for a couple.

Backcountry Skiing Canada came to visit us in 2017. Read here what they think of our little place in the forest.

Chalkboard Reviews

  • Heritage, Aug 2017, AB

Aug. 2017, Heritage Cabin, Alberta

  • Gold Cup, May 2017, AB

May 2017, Gold Cup Cabin, Alberta

  • 3 Heritage FEB 2017, AB, Lucia 7

Feb. 2017, Heritage Cabin by Lucia, age 7 from Alberta

  • 2 Gold Cup, Feb BC

Feb. 2017, Cottonwood Cabin, Alberta

  • 4 Gold Cup, Jan New Zealand

Jan. 2017, Gold Cup Cabin, New Zealand

  • 1 Elise Cabin, The Netherlands, Sept 2017

Sept. 2016, Elise Cabin, The Netherlands

  • Gold C, BC, Sept 2016

Sept. 2016, Gold Cup Cabin, BC

  • Gold Cup, BC, Sept 2016

Sept. 2016, Gold Cup Cabin, BC

  • Elise Cabin, AB, Aug 2016,

Aug. 2016, Elise Cabin, Alberta

  • Gold Cup, BC, Aug 2016

Aug. 2016, Gold Cup Cabin, BC

  • Elise Cabin July 2016

July 2016, Elise Cabin, Alberta

  • Juni 2016

May 2016, Heritage Cabin, The Netherlands

  • Heritage, Jan 2016

Jan. 2016, Heritage Cabin, Hong Kong & BC

  • Heritage, Jan 2016, AB

Dec. 2015, Heritage Cabin, Alberta

  • Gold Cup Nov 2015 USA

Nov. 2015, Gold Cup Cabin, USA

  • Elise Cabin, sept 2015 AB

Sept. 2015, Elise Cabin, Alberta

  • Gold Cup, aug 2015 AB

Aug. 2015, Gold Cup Cabin, Alberta

  • Elise Cabin, July 2015, BC

July 2015, Elise Cabin, BC

  • may 2015 Gold Cup alberta

May 2015, Gold Cup Cabin, BC

  • march 2015, cottonwood, bc

March 2015, Cottonwood Cabin, BC

  • Feb 2015 Cottonwood

Feb. 2015, Cottonwood Cabin, New Brunswick

  • Steven & Susan

Jan. 2015, Gold Cup Cabin, USA

  • Christmas 14 Elise Cabin

Dec. 2014, Elise Cabin, Alberta & Italy

  • 11.13 Gold Cup

Nov. 2014, Gold Cup Cabin, Alberta