• Porto Rico Road

Along Porto Rico-Ymir Road,

  • Logden Sign sunny winter Slider

shows the sign where we are,

  • = Main building copy

the reception is at the main house.

  • = Our driveway

On the road turn into our dense treed driveway.

  • = Our woodhouse blanketed in snow

Where you'll see our woodhouse blanketed in snow

  • Elise Creek

and hear Elise creek that runs through the property.

  • Commonwealth1

Backcountry terrain...

  • V commnonwealth


  • Commonwealth2

all around

  • = Shop

The shop is the first building you'll see 

  • = Trail

We have trails where you can snowshoe

  • elise cabin nov 2015

Elise Cabin

  • Cottonwood Cabin dec 2014

Cottonwood Cabin

  • Salmo River 2015 copy

the Salmo River

  • Heritage Cabin Christmas

Heritage Cabin

  • = Open area

Behind our Lodge

  • = Sunset

up the mountain 

  • Bill

are some amazing views

  • Lodge Dec 2014

The main building,

  • Gold Cup at night

Gold Cup Cabin

  • Elise Cabin at night

and Elise Cabin at night

  • 20 dec CM

Just a "light snowfall"

  • Skies 29 Dec

We gladly arrange your gear for you, after all...

  • CVH_2016_Mar_09_3839

We are the closest hotel accomodation to Whitewater Ski Resort.

  • = Salmo River

Along the river just across the road

  • = Nelson Salmo Great Northern Trail

offers Nelson Salmo Great Northern Trail 

  • Yvette Cross Country

a nice walk or easy snowshoeing.

  • Your corner Elise varanda

The cabins have private porches with cozy corners

  • Snowman Latest News

The property is kids paradise

  • Iceskates Gold Cup

with lots of snow.

  • = Bobcat

Bobcat (Bill Bryce) are sometimes spotted,

  • Snowshoe 2tjes

42 acres of private land to explore 

  • 20 dec window

and large windows in your cabin to watch the snow fall.

  • Sunshine at Logden Lodge

Blue skies more rule than exception

  • Gold Cup Can 31 Dec 2015

Gold Cup Cabin

  • = Garden sunshine

Garden sunshine in “Snow Valley’s” winter months

  • Wood house dec 2016

The wood house

  • Squirl

Regular visitors

  • Cottonwood Cabin Feb 2016

Cottonwood Cabin

  • Landmark

This cleared area is a landmark, for now

  • Ice sculptures

Ice sculptures are abundant during the winter months

  • = Remainders of the logging time 100 years ago at Logden Logde

and reminders of the logging time 100 years ago still visible