• Panther Lake

Natural beauty is all around us...

  • Lost Lake

many remote lakes 

  • Barrett Lake

to explore.

  • Ymir


  • Oscar Creek road

 Old Oscar Creek logging road

  • Salmo

Historic buildings in Salmo

  • Barrett Lake

Barrett Lake

  • Male-wite-tailed-deer

Male White-tailed deer

  • Mine Markus

The area has many reminders of the old mining days (M. Herzig)

  • DSC_0076

Mount Baldy (M. Herzig)

  • IMG_0090

On top with the world below

  • Bears Markus

Bears near Ymir (M. Herzig)

  • Otter

Nearby Cottonwood Lake Regional Park is popular for fishing, hiking & BBQ by the lake

  • Tye

Beach at Tye, view of Kootenay Lake East Shore

  • IMG_3833

Hike high up the mountains east from our Lodge you’ll see Ymir Peak

  • Bear-Grass Darkwoods

Darkwoods Nature Conservancy is in our backyard

  • Whitewater Summer

Whitewater Ski Resort in the summer

  • Area (Markus Herzig)


  • Area

The surrounding mountains

  • Kokanee Provincial Glacier Park

Kokanee Provincial Park

  • IMG_2615

Wildflowers grow abundant in the area of Logden Lodge

  • IMG_2842

Birds and butterflies in all colors

  • Chipmunk

Chipmunks, animals big & small live in & visit the area

  • Kootenay Lake

Orange bridge in Nelson, Kootenay Lake

  • Kootenay River

Kootenay River

  • Slocan Lake

Slocan Lake, Slocan Valley