• Rufous Hummingbird
  • The Lodge

The Lodge and the woodhouse

  • = Ymir

Ymir Town is just down the road

  • Woodhouse Spring 2015
  • View Gold Cup Cabin
  • deer driveway
  • Elise Cabin

And of course our cabins, tucked away in the forest (Elise Cabin) ...

  • Sunshine on the porch

... with large covered veranda's to enjoy (Gold Cup Cabin)

  • Salmo-River-2-642x355

Salmo River runs strong year-round

  • Art

In & outside your cabin, you'll find arts from the owners' collection

  • = bear in the garden

Just visiting ...

  • Elise Creek

Elise Creek runs through the property

  • Lupine

A wide range of wildflowers grow on the property

  • = Below the viewpoint

Below the viewpoint

  • Woodhouse

The woodhouse, where we keep your wood dry

  • Squirl 2

They make sure you know that they are here

  • = Garden flower

The gardens of Logden Lodge are full of colorful flowers

  • Cottonwood Cabin porch copy

Cottonwood Cabin

  • = White-tailed deer

White-tailed deer stroll freely around the property

  • Elise Porch

Relax and unwind in the heart of nature

  • = knapweed

Different colors & seizes of butterflies to enjoy

  • = North garden

The north garden 

  • Front garden
  • = pearly-everlasting
  • Gold Cup Cabin

Gold Cup Cabin

  • Stellers Jay

Year-round visitors at Logden Lodge; Steller’s Jay’s

Heritage Cabin