• Rufous Hummingbird

"Fantastic Cabin Great Hosts"
"We stayed one night in the Golden Cup cabin. Wow! The cabin was beautiful, everything about the design and the interesting Persian décor. Great wood stove that was easy to use. Nice kitchen, beautiful bathroom. So restful and relaxing to stay there for the weekend! The other cabins looked just as nice and had there own uniqueness. Paul and Annelies were super nice and hospitable. This is an amazing getaway for anyone, especially a wonderful weekend trip from Spokane/CDA area. Great scenery and towns to explore in the area."

  • The Lodge

The Lodge and the woodhouse

  • = Ymir

Ymir Town is just down the road

  • Woodhouse Spring 2015
  • View Gold Cup Cabin
  • deer driveway
  • Elise Cabin

And of course our cabins, tucked away in the forest (Elise Cabin) ...

  • Sunshine on the porch

... with large covered veranda's to enjoy (Gold Cup Cabin)

  • Salmo-River-2-642x355

Salmo River runs strong year-round

  • Art

In & outside your cabin, you'll find arts from the owners' collection

  • = bear in the garden

Just visiting ...

  • Elise Creek

Elise Creek runs through the property

  • Lupine

A wide range of wildflowers grow on the property

  • = Below the viewpoint

Below the viewpoint

  • Woodhouse

The woodhouse, where we keep your wood dry

  • Squirl 2

They make sure you know that they are here

  • = Garden flower

The gardens of Logden Lodge are full of colorful flowers

  • Cottonwood Cabin porch copy

Cottonwood Cabin

  • = White-tailed deer

White-tailed deer stroll freely around the property

  • Elise Porch

Relax and unwind in the heart of nature

  • = knapweed

Different colors & seizes of butterflies to enjoy

  • = North garden

The north garden 

  • Front garden
  • = pearly-everlasting
  • Gold Cup Cabin

Gold Cup Cabin

  • Stellers Jay

Year-round visitors at Logden Lodge; Steller’s Jay’s

Heritage Cabin