• Feb. 6 - “I’ve never seen anything like it before”


And challenging the weather we did. Even when all was blanketed with a thick layer of snow construction on all fronts went ahead. Most days the weather was just gorgeous; a clear blue sky and the sun shining. Then out of the blue a rare and brutal cold-spell hit us in the final stages of laying the infrastructure surprising the most weathered of men. Teamwork, smiles, bonfires, late nights and whiskey, that’s how we did beat the weather after all.

As soon as the cabins were fully framed our designs for the outside walls became a happy reality. Using a variety of wood on the walls turned out to be an excellent choice. Then, a (not that common in this region) lady electrician from neighboring Salmo wired one cabin after another with the speed of light. Simultaneously the carpenter crew started on the inside walls with the same perfectionism as before, decorating and enjoying the beauty of their own work that is so different from their daily routine.

The last 3 months everyone, whether working on site or visiting, finally saw our designs turn into reality and become what it is today: different from the inside and out, different from what they’ve ever seen before.

“Cabins? these are houses”,
“Cabins? these are lodges”,
“Cabins? these are villa’s”.

Yes, we are offering you something special. Building this something special takes more time than anticipated, but the result is exceeding everyones expectations, including our own.

So do keep an eye on our website so you won’t miss the forecast on when we hope to open the red cabin doors!